Our approach – holistic medicine

Holistic Medicine

Dr Sharief Ibrahim, FRCP - Specialist in Functional Medicine & Holistic MedicineWith clinics in Weybridge and Harley Street, we’re pioneers of a philosophy of health creation rather than disease management using holistic medicine.

If you’re over 50 and suffering from fatigue, diabetes, obesity or other chronic condition – or want to avoid these and stay at your peak – we can help. See more on the conditions we treat.

We can enable you to transform your well-being by making sure your body systems function at their best. We take a patient-centred view, using the latest scientific tests to discover imbalances throughout your body before designing a precisely-tailored healthcare plan for you. Read more about the principles of our approach.

This enables us to improve your total health rather than just address your symptoms, which means many diseases will take care of themselves.

Our practice is led by Dr Sharief Ibrahim, FRCP (Glas), a UK- trained consultant with 35 years’ experience whose method is based on his own health experience as well as the latest scientific studies. He’s turned around extremely poor personal health and, in his 60s, has just completed his 100th marathon. 

Dr Ibrahim’s innovative, patient-centred approach could enable you to:

  • improve chronic conditions such as heart disease and arthritis – so you can enjoy exotic holidays & play with your grandchildren 
  • avoid conditions which run in families such as heart disease & dementia
  • reduce your dependency on medication & the need for future surgery
  • enjoy lifelong exuberance, boosting your ‘health-span’ to match your life-span

Find out what becoming a patient involves. And contact us to book a free phone consultation.

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