Foundation Health Course

Vitality-6 Course Outline

​If you're suffering with issues around your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart condition, or arthritis… and thought you just had to accept it…

Then you need to think again. 

​The latest scientific discoveries combined with advanced diagnostics, now means that the old ways of treating chronic conditions using drug therapies, is becoming outdated.

Functional Medicine is the 21st century medicine that’s re-writing the rules about health.

If you remember, you enjoyed peak health at the age of 18 & early 20s. This was because your body systems were functioning at their best, giving you maximum energy and a sharp brain.

However over the years you’ve started partially losing some of your body functions, in other words your body systems are becoming gradually dysfunctional.

The aim of this course is to transform your dysfunctional body systems into optimal function. By doing that, you optimise your health and reverse age-related decline.

The 6-Week Course is structured to not only provide you with the knowledge of your body systems and how to address deficiencies and excesses, but also the practical steps you need to take each week to experience a real transformation in your health and vitality.

Each of the weekly sessions will last for 3 hours and be structured into three parts.  

The first part is a lecture covering the theory and science behind each weeks focus area.  

The second part of the session will be workshop to align the theories to your particular goals.

 And the final section will be to map out the practical steps you need to take in the coming week in order to progress on your transformational journey and experience real results over the course of the 6 Weeks. 

In Week 1:

In the first week you’ll learn about the Functional Medicine approach to health and chronic disease.  
You’ll discover the importance and connection between the 5 health pillars; diet, physical activity, sleep, stress/ relaxation, and relations.  

You learn that your genes are not your destiny. You can change your environment to alter your family inherited diseases (through epigenetics).

• You also learn about how to prepare for your life transformation journey.
• At the end of the first session you will:  
• Think in term of Functional Medicine and understand this new health and chronic disease approach.  
• Establish your own inspiring goals and discover the powerful motivators to help you reach them.
• Generate and sustain the will power to transform your life. 

In Week 2:

In week 2 you’ll discover that some food can heel & some food can harm. You’ll learn specifically what you should eat, and more importantly when you should eat it, in order to maximize the benefits to your body systems.

You’ll learn about the actual content of different types of food – most people make incorrect assumptions about protein, fats and carbs.

You’ll also learn;

​• How one type of sugar is exceptionally addictive and can damage your liver.
​​• How to select your proteins as a mixture of complete & incomplete proteins.
​​• What you need to supplement your diet with if you choose to stay vegan or vegetarian.
​​• How stress can rob your digestive enzymes and gives you nutritional deficiencies despite consuming great food.
​​• Set up plan to consume different types of food during the day.
​​• Get rid of the bad stuff and bring in your healthy shopping.

Week 3:

In week 3 you’ll learn about insulin and disease. You’ll discover why you need to change from a sugar burner to a fat burner, if you want to stay healthy and do something about your chronic disease.

High insulin is not only related to diabetes but is the common factor among many diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, infertility, and cancer.

You’ll also learn:

​• The most important hormone (insulin) that you need to keep under check all the time.
​• How certain types of food can cause inflammation and make you unable to process carbohydrates.
​• Insulin is not only related to carbohydrate but can go up also with certain types of proteins.
​• The GI & the GL of various types of food to be able to choose the right food.

Week 4:

In Week 4 you’ll be focusing on fasting, ketogenic diet, detox and physical activity:

Mark Twain was absolutely right when he said: a little starvation is more beneficial to the sick man than the best medicines and the best doctors.

Fasting is an opportunity to prolong life, help people age gracefully and can prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s.

In Week 4 you’ll learn about symptom and diseases related to toxicity and how the body rids itself of toxins. You’ll also learn about genetic variations that interfere with your detox and how can you bypass them.

The bottom line is that intermittent fasting and effective detox systems, can prolong high quality life, making your health span align to a long life span.

Week 5:

In Week 5 the focus is on your physical activity and sleep quality. You’ll discover that exercise does not help you to lose weight, but it’s important part of any health intervention and transformation.

You’ll learn why exercise is especially important for the over 50’s and how different types of exercises contribute to your health.

You’ll discover the many other benefits of exercise including; improve mood, relaxation, help sleep, detox and normal bowel function.

Also why insufficient sleep and sleep debt are related to poor health, chronic diseases and short life span – And how to fit exercise into your daily routine.

​With exercise the point is simple – use it or lose it. Exercise add years to your life. and life to your years!

Week 6:

In week 6 the focus is on stress. You learn how to convert your distress into eustress. You’ll discover how to move from sympathetic state to parasympathetic state, to maximise your health and wellbeing.

You’ll also become aware of the physical, emotional and behavioral changes associated with chronic stress, and how to prevent chronic stress.

 You’ll learn and practice the techniques of deep belly breathing and meditation to vastly reduce the negative impact of chronic stress upon your various body organs.

​It’s time to take action

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