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​General information for the Foundation Health Course

​This is a great opportunity to transform your life. You team up with people with similar goals, share information, support each other, go through difficulty together & enjoy fun.

This is a great opportunity to transform your life. You team up with people with similar goals, share information, support each other, go through difficulty together & enjoy fun.

Again, it is an opportunity to set up your SMART health goals, build up enough motivation & determination to achieve them.

You learn how to assess your biological markers and how to monitor your progress.

The course helps you to choose the right food that is going to nourish your body for maximum health and vitality.

Helps to enjoy a restful sleep at night in a mad stressful world, full of distractions.

you learn how to get committed to an exercise program that you can accommodate in your busy day schedule.

You learn how to convert distress into eustress and adopt relaxation techniques to keep happy, relaxed & focused.

You also learn how to nurture healthy relations & cut out toxic ones.

The course is delivered at small weekly sessions of 2.5 hours that run for 6 weeks.

Participants will be asked to reorganise themselves into smaller groups of 4, according to their preference, supervised by a team leader.

The weekly session starts by information delivered in form of a lecture, participant will then proceed to discuss (workshop) the information for better understanding & to convert the information into a practical template.

Each session ends up by setting a homework for every participant to practice at home for a full week.

The next session starts by participants reflection on their last week homework.

The course allow participant to adopt healthy lifestyles, review their beliefs, transform their behaviour and learn life skills to practice for rest of their life.

All the course participant will continue to communicate on regular bases through a specific course WhatsApp and Facebook pages.

Participants meet up 6 weeks after the end of the course to review health achievements & for graduation.

The typical person who attend our courses:

  • •​ I have been to all hospital departments and couldn’t find an answer.
    •​ I can see my condition deteriorates every day and the hospital could not help me.
    •​ I cannot continue taking pills for the rest of my life.
    •​ I have suffered with severe drugs side effects such as statin.
    •​ I have family history of serious conditions such as diabetes or sudden death.
    •​ The hospital could not help cures my condition, any hope?
    •​ I have been through weight loss programs, they never work!

What do we tell them?

  • •​ Inform them that they are in control.
    •​ Give them the facts of epigenetics, nutrition, lifestyle.
    •​ Shaw them benefits which are in their reach.
    •​ Help them implement life changes.
    •​ Let them have fun and positive culture.
    •​ Face difficulties together.
    •​ Find Solutions together.
    •​ Do activities together – eg walking, cooking, meditation practice.

Health achievement of previous health participants:

  • •​ Average weight loss of 1 to 3 stones over 6 weeks.
    •​ Felt happier, less stress & their energy levels soured.
    •​ Improved disease profile: reversed or greatly controlled their diabetes, depression, acne, migraine, asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure.
    •​ These achievements have got the county council interested to introduce 200 diabetics to go through the life transformation journey, hopefully to revers type 2 diabetes.

In a nutshell, the course will provide you with great life skills to transform your life to enjoy maximum vitality and happiness, for the rest of your life.

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