Dr Sharief General Introduction


The easiest way to introducing functional medicine, is to make a comparison between my current and previous medical practice.

I had been working in hospitals as a consultant physician for almost 40 years. The main focus at the time is to come up with a clinical diagnosis. making the diagnosis then I match it with the pharmaceutical agent designed to cover that area. I then reach for the pad to issue the medical prescription. By doing that, the job is done and dusted.

But I realised medications are only meant to treat symptoms. While the chronic disease continues to progress resulting in serious complications that often leads to disability and dependency.

Again, patients have to continue taking medications for the rest of their life.

I have now shifted my medical practice to functional medicine after I have received full training on this new medical approach. This shifted my mind to ask a different question: why instead of what?

Why this person has developed this condition? And elaborate to know more about the person, their genetic background & changes in their social and environmental circumstances that resulted in the medical condition to show up.

This usually stimulate extensive medical intelligence work and further investigation with high technology tests helps me to understand the disease driving forces and the weak link that usually break to expose the chronic disease.

The new approach requires deep understanding of cellular biochemistry and molecular biology to find out the underlying causes of disease. These usually related to high burden of toxicity or severe nutrient deficiencies. Interfering with cellular machineries to work and hence result in dysfunction.

And my Job as a functional physician is to remove those toxins or put in desperately needed essential nutrients to restore body function. Applying natural remedies such as food and food supplements

By doing that, I am able to help my patients to come back to normal body function, to feel better without the need to take medications for the rest of their life.

This approach applies to all chronic health conditions including obesity, high BP, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, dementia or even cancer.

And the elements that we put in include:

• Nutrients
• Movement
• Relaxation
• Sleep
• Purpose
• Love
• Sun shine
• Fresh air

And those we get rid of include:

• Toxins
• Infections
• Allergens
• Stress
• Toxic relationships.

The life transformation process continues to correct lifestyle including diet, physical activity, sleep, relaxation and social relationship. It often expands to correct behaviour, beliefs and help people to adopt positive attitude.

I also found Functional medicine has given hope to people with family history of chronic medical conditions.

Recent advances in medicine say your genes are not your destiny. You can modify your environment (lifestyles) to change your genes expressions. Switching off disease causing genes & on health genes to enjoy vibrant health and vitality despite your family history.

This is known as epigenetics.

Please get in touch to learn more about function medicine and let us help you to transform your life to enjoy lasting happy & fulfilling life, up to the very last drop.