Becoming a patient

Become a patient and be treated holistically

If you become a patient, you’ll be treated holistically by Dr Ibrahim as one single specialist instead of several – regardless of how many conditions you have. Dr Ibrahim will bring his medical expertise and patient-focused approach, but you’ll also need to be committed to making lifestyle changes to achieve the full benefits. 

The typical steps of being treated by us are:

  1. A free 10-15 minute phone consultation. Assuming we can help you, we’ll then arrange an appointment at our clinic in Weybridge or Harley Street and ask you to completed a detailed questionnaire before you come. 
  2. Your first consultation will take around 90 minutes. Alongside the questionnaire, it will provide a comprehensive picture of your health and enable us to devise a provisional treatment plan. 
  3. Scientific tests will assess how your body systems are functioning and identify any imbalances.
  4. Dr Ibrahim will review the test results in a follow-up appointment and refine your treatment plan – which in most cases you can follow yourself, with support via email and follow-up appointments as needed.

Get in touch to find out more or book your initial phone consultation. Or take our 5-Minute Vitality Test.

Consultation Fee

• ​Full online assessment with a short medical report priced at £195.

•​ Single visit priced at £345: 1.5 hour preparation, 1.5 clinic consultation & 1.5 for a full medical report. You must buy a full online assessment.

•​ 3 months package priced at £1300: initial visit plus 2 follow up visits with email support. You must buy a full online assessment.

•​ 6 months package at £2500: initial visit plus 5 follow up visits with email support. You must buy a full online assessment.

•​ We encourage clients to buy a package: set up their SMART goals & stay focused until they achieve their goals within the time frame.

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