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Live Life With Vitality


March 13th 2019: Farnham Surrey 

Live Life With Vitality

by Dr Sharief Ibrahim, MRCP, FRCP, AFMCP

Functional Medicine

Our holistic approach

We use the latest scientific tests to find imbalances throughout your body – then design a personalised, precise, drug-free healthcare plan specifically for you.

This innovative treatment enables us to boost your total health rather than just address your symptoms, which means many diseases will take care of themselves. It comes from the personal experience of our founder, who’s gone from extremely poor health to just having completed his 100th marathon.

Read more about our philosophy and methods.

Surrey Based Clinic Specialising in Functional Medicine & Holistic Medicine

Improve chronic conditions

We can treat & prevent conditions from
diabetes to fibromyalgia and more

Reduce your medication

Cut down your dependency on tablets
& need for surgery

Enjoy lifelong exuberance

Extend your 'health span' to
match your life span

We provide treatments for:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Back pain
  • Fatigue & lethargy
  • Weight problems or obesity
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure (hyertension)
  • Muscle weakness (sarcopenia)
  • ... and more


Ronald WatsonDundee

I was overweight with high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. In a few months, I'd lost nearly two stone, my blood pressure had settled and my sugars were normal. At 77, I'm mobile and ...  read more

Brian HallidayRoyal Victoria Hospital

Dr Ibrahim’s approach is holistic and preventative - focused on reversal of chronic disease. He investigates problems and estalishes a therapeutic relationship where the patient has ownership of ... read more

Peter WallTonbridge

It's been a pleasure to follow Dr Ibrahim’s advice - leading to good recovery from my symptoms. I feel much more energetic and walk freely without pain. In my 80s, I’m now able to cycle and attend to my ... read more

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