“Add years to your life and life to your years.”

PHP InviteDear Friends,

As part of the Vitality Clinic, I am delighted to invite you to our community event (Pivotal Health Plan) where you can discover how to maximise your physical and mental performance, and significantly increase your energy levels (with an excellent chance of doubling your remaining enjoyable lifespan). Sounds too good to be true? This groundbreaking approach to health and wellness has already been tried and tested with people of all ages. Their testimonies are captivating and their results have astounded the medical profession. These outcomes were recently presented at an international conference in the USA, the scale and consistency of improvements were enthusiastically described in terms ranging from ‘very interesting’ to ‘remarkable’ to ‘miraculous’.

We are holding 2 (two hour) Tuesday afternoon meetings in Walton-on-Thames for likeminded business leaders and owners like you, hence the email. Our aim is to clarify how and why this program can change your life and increase your performance.

In the two minute video below my friend Richard Swift explains what doubling your enjoyable lifespan really means. Kindly view it and then forward this email on to your friends and colleagues, or anyone you think may be interested in rescuing their health. Details on the event can be found below, please don’t forget to respond to this email and confirm your attendance – the event is free. However, places are limited to 50 and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

If you would like to ‘add life to your years and years to your life’ we look forward to seeing you.

Would you trade places with a terminally ill Billionaire?

Meeting Dates are:
– Tuesday 30th January
– Tuesday 6th February

Sessions will run from 16:00 – 18:00 with presentations from consultant physician Dr. Sharief Ibrahim FRCP and the team, followed by a time for questions and answers. You are invited to park in the Church car park, Cornerstone the Church, 38 Station Avenue, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 1NU. The state-of-the-art church is located directly opposite Walton train station with access from Guildford lines and London Waterloo.

“We believe that the best and most effective way to improve the health and well-being of our local population is by example, in reality by ‘trickle’ down from self determining leaders in that population. We have decided to start with people who have a big investment in their lives because they understand ROI and that they have the most to gain and the most to lose – as a business owner, that’s you!”

The Pivotal Health Plan is a lifestyle program (not diet plan) that really works. It allows the body (your body) to correct, heal and align itself to it’s natural design without using drugs, surgery or other invasive or toxic treatments.

A brief list of some of the benefits users have gained:
– Increased energy (seen in all participants)
– Type 2 diabetes reversed (in all cases)
– Symptoms of chronic diseases reduced or eradicated
– Reduction of visual impairments
– Improved sleep patterns
– Weight loss (one participant lost 18lbs in first month)
– Decreased dependancy on medication

Click here to see testimonies from participants, or visit our website www.pivotalhealthplan.com

Please respond to this email with your preferred session to confirm attendance.

We look forward to seeing you there,
Dr Sharief Ibrahim,
The Vitality Clinic